TANTRASAGE: The ultimate sensual massage experience.

We are Lance and Lilly, local enthusiasts for alternative lifestyles and sensual delight. We provide a lucid Tantric Massage experience for women and men. We believe that open and shared lives are lives lived to their full potential. That philosophy combined with the gift of touch make our sessions truly magical.
Sexy Lilly

Nirvana is our only focus. We work alone and together to ensure a heightened sense of awareness and complete body stimulation. Every nerve and muscle twitch will tingle with imagination and curiosity.

Prepare to venture into a realm of sensual pleasure. Our scheduled sessions are Tantric. This means that the goal is not to have a physical release but an emotional release where sexual energy is diverted into the body, increasing serotonin levels while reducing stress.

Be sure to visit us at and enjoy watching our tantrasage video. is where we post our naughty fantasies and offer you the opportunity to see us with our hair down and just having fun. Heck, you just might win a free session with us.

Our dynamic and upbeat personalities will have you relaxed and open to a complete tantric experience. You can choose to experience a session with either Lilly, Lance or both of us. Any way you choose. For all sessions both Lance and Lilly will be on the premise.

Learn more about Tantrasage and make the commitment to experience Tantrasage with Lance and Lilly. You will love it.

We welcome you to enjoy a magical morning, afternoon or evening session with us. Sessions are by appointment only and must be booked in advance. Please visit our etiquette page before scheduling.

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